“Don’t Call It A Comeback, I’ve Been Wanting This For Years”


By Omar Moubayed

I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a loving family, I have had the opportunity to pull out a bachelor’s degree in economics for no cost, and I have a job that pays well. Yet, for as blessed as I have been throughout these 22 years of life, I only have one regret. Some people may read this and think, “Really this kid has it good what could he possibly regret?” No, it’s not the fact I did not play football and no it is not the fact that I did not stick out four years at the University of Kentucky. It is simply that I have steered off the path to fulfill my dream of becoming a sports journalist. As a kid I grew up around sports, I was even called a “sports junkie” by family friends. At a young age the items that caught my attention the most were baseball statistics. Batting averages, Home Runs, RBI’s, K:BB ratios, you name it I probably kept a log of it in a journal entry following the now renamed Florida Marlins. I excelled in little league as a positive end on a quite negative battery. I used to tell myself that if I never made it as a professional athlete, I would be as close to those lights as humanly possible.

I was told throughout high school that journalism is a dying medium, that I would never make any money, and that I would never be able to support a family hammering away at a keyboard just like this one. Looking back it, those people deterred me from the life I dreamed about. Actually, the life I still dream about. I turn on the radio every morning and listen to your typical sports morning zoo (these actually exist right? Or is the Hochman & Zaslow show the only one?). Every morning they live my dream. The same dream that has me waking up at 3 in the morning to be at the radio station by 4 a.m. The same dream that has me prepping for over two hours to make the drive to work just as enjoyable as these two guys and their producers do for me.

This is what I love to do, as lonely as it may be. I want to spend my life providing information to anyone who follows their favorite team. Maybe you had to get up early for a meeting and missed the Panthers playing against the Canadiens, don’t worry, because in the small column on the inside of the Herald you would find the whole game illustrated to you in a few paragraphs. I might be one of the last writers that will keep this website alive to our anorexic sized audience. However, I write for the enjoyment of the masses because that is the promise I need to fulfill to the 11 year old version of myself. Even if this goes unseen, it will never go unsaid.

Hockey is not the most popular sport to cover. A good portion of the NHL fan base does not even speak English! I’m a kid who grew up in South Florida and my dream is to cover the Marlins and the Panthers, what the hell do I know about hockey? Also, they just so happen to be two of the most ignored teams to the national spotlight in any given professional league. That said, I am promising you an article or two every week following these two teams.

I understand fully the concept of this site was to cover the interesting stories that surround our favorite teams. Staying true to this platform I will hold the values of 4FanSports to the highest regard while giving my local insight. I hope you guys enjoy the writing that will come in the coming weeks and months from me about these two teams and take the writing for what it is worth. I know these teams are not in the same echelon as the Yankees or the Bruins, but, I would like to invite you on this ride with me as I try to follow my dream.

Omar Moubayed is an alumni of Florida International University with a B.A. in Economics. He can be reached at @Moubayed11.


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