Enjoy the Ride

lebronandwade  By Tyler Hobbs

Few times in our lives will we live to see a “legendary” team. Good teams and even great teams come and go, but legendary teams become the stories that you will tell your grandchildren. It is hard to recognize when there is one right in front of you until the time has already passed. We are currently watching one of the greatest teams ever assembled, and I am here to make sure that we sports fans do not overlook it. Many people took for granted the dynasty that was the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s, with perhaps the greatest athlete of all time, Mr. Michael Jordan, at the reins of a colossal team. It wasn’t until he became a sub-par version of himself with the Washington Wizards that sports fans really grasped the concept of how great, amazing, astonishing, and bad ass he truly was. We have now been presented with a new version of the 1990’s Bulls, the present day Miami Heat, and it is crucial that, despite our inner hatred for them, we recognize what is happening before our very eyes.

Any time the NBA is discussed in my household, my Dad will always say that nothing it has to offer nowadays will ever compare to the man who wore #23. Well, my Dad is old. Nothing against being old, but he is stuck in the past and refuses to allow anything of current age to live up to the hype of its predecessors. The Miami Heat are a rare treat for us sports fans. Like them or not (I choose not), you cannot deny the amazing feats that they have accomplished this season. Winning 22 consecutive games in a single season (an accomplishment only 2 other teams have ever reached), especially with the target that they have on their backs game-in and game-out, is astonishing. The Heat, led by none other than Mr. Fading Hairline himself, is one of the greatest squads that any sport has ever seen. It is sickening to say, but no one can argue the statistics and facts.

The Heat are crushing their opponents, which is even more impressive now with the high level of competition in the NBA (Spurs, Knicks, Thunder, etc.). The scary part? Lebron James has not been playing up to his utmost potential. Granted, he is averaging 28,7,7 on a nightly basis, but he is capable of doing more. The Heat are relying on other contributors such as Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Shane Battier and hell, even Birdman to help lift them to victory. Dwyane Wade is making me eat my words for saying that James Harden was better than him (I apologize Dwyane). The Heat is a freight train, running over any team that comes into its path, and they are showing no signs of letting up.

I write this article, not to abate your pure hatred for the Miami Heat. If anything I hope that this strengthens it. Instead, I write this in hopes of encouraging you to embrace the fact that it may be a LONG time before we are able to watch such a dominant force on the basketball court (at least until next year’s Kentucky class, sorry had to). Jokes aside, despite my passionate dislike for the organization from South Beach, even I can appreciate a great team when I see it. Lebron James and company, assuming the Big 3 stays intact, are on pace to win several consecutive NBA Championships, and the only thing that can stop them is themselves. Several teams have tried to assemble super lineups to try to compete with the Miami Heat in a seven game series, but none have been able to mesh quite like they have. The unselfishness (aside from Lebron’s selfishness on fast breaks) of this team should not be overlooked. It is amazing to see how so many superstars on one NBA roster can set aside their own personal achievements for the betterment of the overall group. So it is with this that I ask you all to enjoy this ride for as long as it is still going, because we may not see anything like it again for a long time.

Also, here’s to hoping that I am wrong, ’cause man, I sure hope that I am wrong.

(Editor’s Note: The Heat take on the Boston Celtics tonight for win 23 at 8pm on ESPN)

Tyler Hobbs is on twitter @TylerHobbs5 and 4FanSports @4FanSports4FS

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