The Challenges of Repeating

alabama champs

By: Tyler Hobbs

A topic arose the other night while I was sifting through the channels and stopped on ESPN and it sparked an idea for an article. The topic was the challenges of repeating as a champion, and in which sport is it most difficult. The argument can be made for almost all sides, but Alabama is dangerously close, and only Notre Dame stands in the way of them pulling off the repeat. So in what sport is it most difficult to repeat as a champion? Well friends, family, and random people all over the globe that have checked out 4FanSports, lets discuss.
The NBA has very little argument, as there have been numerous amounts of “dynasties” throughout the history of the league. The Lakers, Bulls, and possibly the Heat have torn off multiple championships in a row. Since there are so many cases of repeat champions, it is hard to argue that the NBA is the hardest. Not to mention, if you read my previous article about sports going mainstream, you would know that the competition in the NBA is dwindling, and only 4 or 5 teams have a legitimate chance to win the Finals. Plus, the NBA Finals makes sure to eliminate the randomness, and minimize the amount of upsets that occur because of their playoff format.
Next is the NFL. Much like the NBA, there are cases of dynasties ruling decades, most recently the New England Patriots, led by that fairy Tom Brady. However, the NFL is always competitive, with this year being no exception. The playoffs have the makings of being completely random and very wide open, with the open possibility of a Giants-like run from a team that sneaks into the playoffs (please be the Cowboys). The playoff format, meaning a one game scenario, makes it so that upsets can, and often will occur, but too often do teams repeat, so I won’t be choosing the NFL.
The MLB is completely wide-open. Though the winner is usually from a selection of about 10 teams that spend millions upon millions in players salary, they seem to be interchangeable between them. I honestly never saw the Giants winning, and even made a bet for the Tigers to sweep them this year, a bet that I obviously lost. My point being, MLB is random.
College Football is similar to the MLB in certain aspects. Almost always do the same schools get the best players, and since players stay at least 3 years in college, it is easy to make a dynasty out of a team. Florida has repeated, USC was stacked for years under Leinart and Bush, and I believe Alabama is well on their way to a repeat in a matter of weeks. College Football is restricted to a few good teams every year, and it is usually the same good teams year in and year out.
Which leads me to the most difficult sport to repeat, college basketball. Usually, in order to win the national championship you have to have very good players. Any arguments? Didn’t think so. The inconvenience in college basketball is that the best players leave for the draft due to the pesky one and done rule. So with the best players foregoing their college careers and bolting for the draft, the best teams with the best chance of winning a championship have to rebuild the next year. Of course, there is always an exception to a rule, the Florida Gators, led by Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer, and Al Horford. All three of their college superstars stayed in college in order to repeat, and they did. So sue me. Still, I think in today’s time, it is hardest for a college champion to repeat, and unfortunately I don’t think my Kentucky Wildcats are going to do it this year. But hey, here’s hoping. My point is, with the randomness of the tournament, those pesky cinderella teams knock out the best teams sometimes. But it is that same randomness that makes March Madness the most exciting post season tournament in all of sports.
Anyone can win, and anyone can lose. It is what makes sports great. College basketball is tough to repeat, and if a team does repeat it is usually because they return virtually their entire roster. With all this being said, if John Wooden is your coach, then all bets are off. Agree/Disagree?


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