Worst Franchises in Sports


by Tyler Hobbs

We are all familiar with the best of the best. But it is equally intriguing to discuss the worst of the worst. As awesome as it is for a team to have a huge winning streak or go undefeated, it is equally comical for a team to have a huge losing streak or go winless. You all know what teams I am referring to. I mean the teams that you circle on the calendar as a shoe-in victory for your favorite team. The kind of team that you pray is on the schedule to make sure that you get an easy W is what is awesome about sports. So who are these teams? And more importantly, why in the hell do they have the right to call themselves an actual franchise? For this article, I want to aim at teams that are awful for no good reason, rather than picking on teams like the Raptors who are terrible because they are in Canada and nobody wants to play there.

I have to start with an obvious choice here, the Chicago Cubs. Despite being located in a huge sports market, the Cubs haven’t won a World Series over a century. Yes, a century. But maybe this is their year. Doubtful, very doubtful. They are heading in the wrong direction ever since Bartman. Poor, poor Bartman. The Cubs have been the “pity party” of the MLB for virtually all of my life. One of their few bright spots, Sammy Sosa, had name tarnished for using steroids throughout his career. The poor Cubs are in desperate need for a savior to bring them back to their early 1900’s glory. Make no mistake, when the magical day occurs and the Cubs finally win a World Series, it could be the greatest day of all time, and the world may end.

Next I will attack the Sacramento Kings. They have lived in the shadows of their fellow California NBA teams for several years now, and the void has been most evident lately. Of course, the Lakers are always a contender year-in and year-out, but with the emergence of the Clippers and Warriors into playoff contention, the Kings are left behind, chasing frantically attempting to keep up. Even when the Kings have a good team, like the early 2000’s with Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic, and Vlade “We likes to party” Divac, they were overshadowed by the Lakers duo of O’Neal and Kobe. The Kings have a serious case of “little brother” syndrome when it comes to their fellow California teams, but they have good talent. They just can’t seem to shake the fact that they are the Kings, therefore they are supposed to lose, and lose often.

Finally, we have the Arizona Cardinals. Other than one fairly recent Super Bowl appearance led by the great Kurt Warner (which they lost), the Cardinals have been dreadful. The Cardinals have only had 3 winning seasons since 1988, the year they moved to Arizona. Damn, that’s awful. The Cardinals have had a putrid existence in the NFL, even though they were in one of the easiest divisions in the league during the down years of the Seahawks, 49ers, and Rams. The Cardinals at least have some really cool jerseys, but other than that there aren’t very many bright spots for this “franchise”. As a sidenote: Can someone please save Larry Fitzgerald from this hell hole? He deserves so much better than this. It is really not fair.

So there are the crappy franchises that people tend to make fun of when they are leading by a million points. They all suck really bad. Maybe they can turn it around and fix their beloved teams, but I seriously doubt it. At least let the Cubs win one stinkin’ World Series, because it would be awesome to see the Cubs fans tear Chicago apart in celebration. Hopefully it happens at some point in my lifetime. What other franchises do you guys think suck really bad? Comment below.

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