Taking On Vegas

Las Vegas Strip aerials from a helicopter Photo by Brian Jones 2/25/10.

by Tyler Hobbs

Each Wednesday, I examine the spreads for the games being played the upcoming weekend, and pick the underdogs and favorites are most likely to cover. (Editor’s Note: 4FanSports in no way endorses gambling, because that would be irresponsible.)

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages. Welcome to this week’s installment of our weekly analysis of the spreads for the coming week, Taking on Vegas. Last week, Vegas and I had a fairly even bout, much like the Pacquaio-Marquez fight. Just kidding, Pacquiao, “You got knocked the ____ out!” The record last week ended in a 2-2-1 draw,  but this week I am going full force at Vegas. Let’s do this.


Normally, I stray away from the NBA, because anyone can beat anybody on a given night, take the Wizards taking down the Heat a week or so ago. But this line really jumped out at me, and I have to stay consistent with my 5 picks of the week. So I am leaning heavily on the Clippers tonight against the Bobcats. Reason being that 1. the Clippers looked really good dunking the ball every 30 seconds against the Bulls last night, and 2. its the Bobcats. So, Clippers -8 ½ against one of the laughing stocks of the NBA makes sense to me.


Colorado really came through for me last week against their rival Colorado State. However, they will be looking to bounce back after being man-handled by the Kansas Jayhawks a few days ago, after taking a place in the top 25 for the first time since Chauncey Billups played there during the Nixon administration. I like the Buffaloes, however, to take care of business tonight against the (5-4) Fresno State Bulldogs. Like last week, they play really late, so if you are really bored… watch re-runs of Saved By the Bell or something because this game will be a real snoozer. Colorado will cover the (-3) points while you are watching Screech do something stupid in that annoying voice of his.


The Cincinnati Bengals suffered a heartbreaking loss at the hands of my Dallas Cowboys last week on a last second field goal (HA!). They are, however, still in the playoff hunt and are desperate for a win, needing to inch ahead of the Steelers for the 6-seed in the AFC. The Steelers play the very same Cowboys this coming week, and the Bengals get a gimmie against the injury-plagued Eagles on Thursday Night Football. The Bengals are (-5) against the Eagles, and I will be looking for them to make a statement against Nick Foles, and cover that spread. However, the Bengals have that trait about them (like the Cowboys) that causes them to choke right around playoff time, so tread lightly.

The New Orleans Saints got embarrassed last week against the Giants (BOO!) losing by 25 points. I may be the only one, but I still have faith in the Saints. Any team with Drew Brees as their quarterback is good in my book. Not to mention, they play the Buccaneers at home, and I need Drew Brees to go bananas so that I don’t lose to my “Ol’ Lady” again in fantasy football. I will not be defeated, NOT AGAIN!!! Anyways, Saints cover the (-3 ½) at home against the Bucs who lost to the Eagles, so they must suck really bad.

Finally, the Detroit Lions. They have had a less than stellar year, after FINALLY giving Detroit fans something to cheer about, making the playoffs last year. The Lions have been the disappointment of the NFL, and that is why I am taking them. Not really, I am taking them because I saw their opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, play last week and laughed hysterically as they had 8 turnovers in a game. Seriously, can somebody save Larry Fitzgerald from that sinking ship? Anyways, for some unknown reason, Vegas has this spread at a measly (-6). Apparently, they tuned out last week when Arizona lost 58-0 (not a typo) to Seattle. If the Seahawks can win by 58, surely Detroit can handle 6.

Summary of Picks

Clippers (-8 ½) vs Bobcats
Colorado (-3) vs Fresno State
Bengals (-5) vs Eagles
Saints (-3 ½) vs Buccaneers
Lions (-6) vs Cardinals

Until next time, enjoy your Saved By The Bell re-runs. That Kelly girl is a fox!

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