Taking on Vegas


by Tyler Hobbs


Each Wednesday, I examine the spreads for the games being played the upcoming weekend, and pick which underdogs and favorites are most likely to cover. (Editor’s Note: 4FanSports in no way endorses gambling, because that would be irresponsible.)

Wow, is it Wednesday already? Well let’s get this over with. First off, let me apologize for my abysmal efforts last week, going 2-3. The 49ers, Patriots, and Crimson Tide all let me down and brought me to an overall record of 8-5. But lets not dwell on the past, as our fearless leader Mr. Josh Wilson states, “keep moving forward.” This week I am going to emphasize the idea that you should NEVER, and I mean ever pick NBA games. Example: the Wizards, who had won only 1 game prior to last night, beat the defending NBA champion Miami Heat, without their star guard John Wall. So, don’t be stupid, because the NBA is really unpredictable. And now for the picks of the week…


The Bears will be without future Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher this week when they face-off against their division rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Although the Vikes have my fantasy football hero Adrian Peterson in the backfield, the Vegas oddsmakers are reading too much into Urlacher’s absence. That is why I am jumping at the idea of the Bears being -3 to the Vikings this week. It is crunch time and the Bears are looking to lock up a playoff berth, so I expect the Bears to increase their 6 game winning streak against the Vikings to 7 on Sunday.

The Falcons are the best team in the NFC, perhaps the NFL (one could make that argument but I wouldn’t). They face the cellar-dwellers of the NFC South this weekend, the Cam Newton-led Carolina Panthers. Again, Vegas oddsmakers are reading a bit into too much of Newton’s stellar play the last 2 weeks, and I expect his back to start hurting after carrying the Panthers this far into the season. I foresee the Falcons covering the measly -3 ½ point spread, and marching on into the playoffs as the #1 seed in the NFC.

The Ravens lost a heartbreaker to the Steelers, whose offense was being run by 3rd string QB Charlie Batch (who kind of looks like Mr. Miagi). The Ravens are a good team that haven’t played up to its potential since Ray Lewis’ injury against the Cowboys earlier in the season. They face-off against the Washington Redskins, led by rookie phenom QB Robert Griffin III, who has been all over the media since his outstanding performance against the Giants on Monday Night Football just a few days ago. However, the combination of the return of Ray Lewis, the heart and soul of the Ravens defense, and the unmatchable hype surrounding RGIII, I think the Ravens knock the Redskins back down to earth and cover the +3 they are getting.

NCAA Basketball

Oklahoma State faces off against South Florida in a game almost nobody will be watching. However, what most don’t know is that they have an outstanding duo in freshman Marcus Smart and sophomore LeBryan Nash. Oklahoma State slipped up this past weekend losing to Virginia Tech, but I expect them to bounce back against South Florida, a team literally nobody knows anything about. So Cowboys beat the Bulls by more than -10. Hurry up though, this game starts at 9 tonight!

Colorado takes on bitter rival Colorado State in another game nobody will be watching, because most of you will be asleep before it is over. The game tips at 10:30 tonight, and if you are really desperate you should watch it. Colorado isn’t supposed to be that bad, so I guess will take them at -4. Seriously, can anyone name a single player on either team? Go ahead, I will give you time. Couldn’t do it, huh? That’s ok, me neither. Oh well, go Buffaloes!

Good luck to you all, and let me know how that Colorado game goes.

Chicago Bears (-3) vs Minnesota Vikings
Atlanta Falcons (-3 ½) vs Carolina Panthers
Baltimore Ravens (+3) vs Washington Redskins
Oklahoma State (-10) vs South Florida
Colorado (-4) vs Colorado State

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