Rookie Review: Quarterbacks

Russell Wilson Eric Berry Flip

by Ryan Potter


I’m not breaking any new ground here, but in my opinion Quarterback is the most important position in all of sports. A team goes as it’s quarterback does and it’s no coincidence that the best teams in the NFL are also the teams with a great man under center. There were 10 quarterbacks selected in the 2012 NFL Draft. For the teams that had the opportunity to pick early in the 1st round, their franchise’s future hinged on the success of their newly selected signal caller. Let’s take a look at how this season’s crop of rookie QB’s are fairing so far.


Andrew Luck (Selected by the Indianapolis Colts: Pick 1, Round 1)

If reality was dictated by media expectations and hype, Andrew Luck would have been inducted into the Hall of Fame during halftime of the Colts’ first preseason game. Billed as the second coming of Johnny Unitas, Luck was viewed as the prototypal drop back passer in the mold of Peyton Manning. Unfortunately for Mr. Luck, NFL defenses have not been overwhelmed by his skills thus far. Completing a pedestrian 55.5% of his passes, it seems like Luck may be having trouble adapting to the speed of the NFL game. But take heart, Colts fans, Luck is the first rookie QB ever to lead his team to 8 wins.

Robert Griffin III (Selected by the Washington Redskins: Pick 2, Round 1)

Griffin may be fundamentally changing the way the quarterback position is played. His combination of passing accuracy (67.1 completion percentage) and rushing ability (714 rushing yards) have made him one of the most exciting players to watch in the game. You would expect that the speed at which he plays the game would make him susceptible to turnovers, but Griffin has been intercepted just 4 times this season. Look for RGIII to be a staple of SportsCenter highlight reels for many seasons to come.

Ryan Tannehill (Selected by the Miami Dolphins: Pick 8, Round 1)

I felt that Tannehill was overrated and was only selected by the Dolphins for lack of a better option at pick 8. His performance this season has proven my assumption correct. Tannehill is the worst 3rd down quarterback in the league and has an abysmal 7TDs to 12INT ratio.

Brandon Weeden (Selected by the Cleveland Browns: Pick 22, Round 1)

The 2012 NFL Draft’s oldest QB (28 years old on draft day) was given the unenviable task of quarterbacking the Cleveland Browns. The state of Ohio’s 2nd best ginger signal caller has thrown 15 INTs this season, and that’s really about what you would expect from the quarterback of the NFL’s worst franchise. The Browns have been bad for so long that they should have been relegated to 1A High School football years ago. I doubt Brandon Weeden will change my mind.

Brock Osweiler (Selected by the Denver Broncos: Pick 57, Round 2)

Peyton Manning’s understudy has yet to throw an NFL pass, but scouting reports say he’s done an excellent job holding a clipboard, which I hear can be quite cumbersome at times.

Russell “Don’t Call Me Josh” Wilson (Selected by the Seattle Seahawks: Pick 75, Round 3)

Russell Wilson (seen above causing defenders to miss tackles out of fear) has been one of the best (and most surprising) stories of the 2012 NFL season. Overshadowed by the hype surrounding Andrew Luck and the excitement of Robert Griffin III, Wilson has lead the Seahawks to a 7-5 record. Listed at a quite generous 5’11, Wilson is the type of QB I would have idolized as a child. Being much smaller than the average size of an NFL QB hasn’t stopped him from amassing 19 TD passes against just 8 INTs.

Nick Foles (Selected by the Philadelphia Eagles: Pick 88, Round 3)

Foles has emerged as the Eagles starter following an injury to incumbent QB (and resident dog murderer) Michael Vick. He’s done a passable job in the time he’s been given and it looks as though there is a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia. Or at least ESPN will say there is just to give Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith something to argue about. I doubt he’s better than Vick, but we’ll see if he can hang on to the job.


Kirk Cousins (Selected by the Washington Redskins: Pick 102, Round 4)

Being drafted by the Redskins the same year as Robert Griffin III means this poor fellow won’t see any significant playing time in the near future.

Ryan Lindley (Selected by the Arizona Cardinals: Pick 185, Round 6)

Human dumpster fire, Ryan Lindley, gave his best Ryan Leaf impression compiling 5INTs and 0TDs while completing just 48.5% of his passes. Mercifully for Larry Fitzgerald fantasy owners, Lindley was recently benched in favor of the just slightly less incompetent John Skelton.

B.J. Coleman (Selected by the Green Bay Packers: Pick 243, Round 7)

Coleman won’t see the field as long as Aaron Rodgers walks the earth.

Chandler Harnish (Selected by the Indianapolis Colts: Pick 253, Round 7)

Mr. Irrelevant was cut by the Colts on October 16th and is currently languishing on their practice squad.


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