Taking on Vegas

By Tyler Hobbs

Each Wednesday, I examine the spreads for the football games being played the upcoming weekend, and pick which underdogs and favorites are most likely to cover. (Editor’s Note: 4FanSports in no way endorses gambling, because that would be irresponsible.)

They say it couldn’t be done. They say you’re stupid. They say you’re going to lose. I say, shut up, and in my best Kevin Hart voice, “You Gon’ Learn Today!!!” Yes, for back to back weeks, I have owned the “professionals” at Las Vegas. I went an impressive 4-1 last week, with my only loss coming at the hands of Matt Bryant, I mean the Atlanta Falcons (if Matt Bryant hits the field goal with 30 seconds left, the Falcons cover, but alas he hates me). Hopefully all of our readers here at 4FanSports will listen to me when I say, it is really all luck. No need to call me out on Twitter because I know, Vegas will catch up to me. But in the meantime, lets discuss the week in advance.



San Francisco put it to my New Orleans Saints this past week, defeating them on all levels, scoring two defensive touchdowns against the immortal Drew Brees (leader of my fantasy team) and tacking on two offensive touchdowns with fill-in phenom Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers look very legitimate, dismantling the red hot Saints on the way to their 5th straight victory. The 49ers are a -7 ½ point favorite against the lowly Rams, and I expect them to not slow down against their division rival.

Sticking in the NFL, I will stay on the Patriots bandwagon one more week. They have outscored their opponents 190 to 81 in their last 4 games. Tom Brady, Tom Brady’s Ugg Boots, and the Patriots are the real deal, especially with the addition of their new found running game. The Patriots are forfeiting -9 points to the Ryan Tannehill led Miami Dolphins. Though Tannehill (Note: Omar Moubayed refers to him as Tan Marino, which is the 2nd worst nickname in history next to Johnny Football) has been quite impressive this year, the rookie will be unable to keep up with the multi-faceted New England offense.


College Football

Alabama faces off against the Georgia Bulldogs this Saturday for a place in the National Championship game against the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish. Alabama is really good, I mean really good. I think they will walk over the Bulldogs on their way to back-to-back National Championships. I am that confident, so much that I will take the Tide -7 against the #3 team in the country. Georgia just can’t compete with Alabama. Roll Tide.

West Virginia is not as good as they had hoped this year. But the good news is, they close the season against the laughing stock of the Big 12, the Kansas Jayhawks. Unfortunately for Kansas, this is not a basketball game, therefore Geno Smith and the Mountaineers are going to torch Kansas on their way to a bowl game. Additionally, Kansas hasn’t won a Big 12 matchup since (insert your own joke about something that happened a really long time ago like the Reagan administration, Vietnam, or since fanny packs were in style). West Virginia will cover the -20 that Vegas has given them, mainly because Kansas’ football team can’t tie their shoes and chew gum at the same time, much less make a tackle.


College Basketball

Duke is favored by -6 against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Duke has already beaten the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the country (according to the AP preseason polls), Louisville and Kentucky. However, as most college basketball fans know, Kentucky is very, very young and are still developing early in the season. Duke barely inched past Louisville on a neutral court, without their key big man, Gorgui Dieng. In my opinion, Duke is not as untouchable many believe them to be. I think that Deshaun Thomas and Aaron Craft will keep this game closer than Vegas assumes, even if (God forbid) Duke comes away with a victory. I’m leaning Buckeyes in this one. Plus, someone needs to knock those Duke fans off their high horses.


Stay away from:

Kansas State (-11 ½) vs Texas: You have no idea what Texas team is going to show up. Be safe and stay clear of this one.

Atlanta Falcons (-3) vs New Orleans Saints: Much like Kansas State vs. Texas, this game could go either way. You have no idea what Falcons team will show up, as they have been wildly inconsistent lately.

Rutgers (-3) vs Louisville: Louisville is on a 2 game skid after starting the season 9-0. I think that Louisville is the better team, but Rutgers has home-field advantage and the teams are playing with a BCS title berth on the line. Anything could happen.


Overview of Picks

49ers (-7 ½) vs Rams

Patriots (-9) vs Dolphins

Alabama (-7) vs Georgia

West Virginia (-20) vs Kansas

Ohio State (+6) vs Duke

Enjoy 4FanSports fans! Please don’t come looking for me if I get them all wrong!

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