NCAA Help Wanted: N.C. State

by Tyler Hobbs

In one of the first installments of College Football’s coaching carousel, N.C. State Head Coach Tom O’Brien has found himself waiting patiently in the unemployment line. N.C. State finished the season 7-5, and O’Brien accumulated a 40-35 record in his 6 year tenure with the Wolfpack. Despite leading them to a bowl game, N.C. State has decided to let O’Brien go and begin the search for his successor. Names have already begun swirling about who will fill O’Brien’s shoes, but some of the names can be quickly put to rest. I am not going to pretend like I know anything about the head coaching search, but a few of the names that seem popular on the Wolfpack’s message boards seem a little out of their reach, and the likelihood of them taking the job can be summed up as “not a chance in hell.” Shall we begin?

Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin seems like a popular candidate amongst the fans to fill the vacancy. Would he really leave a program “mid-rebuilding process” to start from scratch again with an N.C. State program that is at about the same level with Vanderbilt? No, no he would not. However, Franklin will most likely get a nice bump in salary due to his success and the threat of leaving for greener pastures. Ultimately, he stays put or leaves for somewhere way better than N.C. State. Regardless, he will not be leading the Wolfpack next year.

Next is Washington State head coach Mike Leach. Really? You want to go there? Leach has just re-entered the coaching realm this season and so far has done nothing to deserve a better job. If his 3-9 record isn’t enough to scare you away, then maybe the possibility of ANOTHER player mistreatment scandal coming out will do the trick. If you want to offer a 3-9 headcase, that verbally abuses players and whose only claim to fame (this year) was beating Washington in overtime to fill your head coaching position, go right ahead. But pardon me if I do not join you.

Finally, Kliff Kingsbury, Offensive Coordinator for the fighting Johnny Football’s (also known as Texas A&M). Kingsbury is a very hot commodity right now, and he has better offers than N.C. State, I am afraid. Kingsbury’s name has been thrown around in the discussions to fill the vacancies in the SEC (Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky) so I wouldn’t expect him to pack up and leave for N.C. State with a possible SEC offer around the corner. Plus, he dated Jessica Simpson. Completely irrelevant? Yes. But when I picture N.C. State’s next head coach, I don’t see a guy who dated Jessica Simpson. I picture some old wrinkly guy who didn’t date Jessica Simpson. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

There you have it. I hope I didn’t spoil you Wolfpack fan’s dreams, but I would focus on more feasible names like Clemson OC Chad Morris, Arkansas OC Paul Petrino, or Stanford OC Pep Hamilton. These guys are more of your playing field but would still be appropriate candidates to steer your program into the right direction, towards the top of the ACC and out of the middle of the pack. My pick to be the lucky coordinator that gets to take over the Wolfpack next season is….. (drum roll)……. Clemson Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris.

What’s that? No, of course I didn’t do “eenie meenie miney mo”. Okay, well you caught me, but that is my pick and I’m sticking to it. In all honesty, it will probably be some random Joe Blow that nobody has ever heard of. However, until further notice, it’s Chad Morris because “eenie meenie miney mo” has never been wrong, ever.

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