I’m Not Impressed

by Tyler Hobbs

The national spotlight was on one particular Division III team November 21st. Grinnell College cruised to a remarkable 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible (better known as the Little Sister’s of the Poor). The more astonishing numbers belong to Jack Taylor, who was responsible for 138 of those 179 points. Taylor put on the most unbelievable exhibition of ball-hogging that I have ever seen. Taylor chucked 108 shots, 71 of which were beyond the arc. Taylor’s numbers are great on the exterior, but Grinnell College and Jack Taylor should be embarrassed by their performance of blatantly attempting to humiliate their competition. Taylor was quoted in the New York Times as saying that he felt like he “kind of got in a zone where everything feels like it was goin’ in.” But Mr. Taylor, what about the 56 that didn’t?


Jack Taylor shot a lousy 48% from the field, and recorded 0 assists on 0 passes for the night. Even worse, he shot 38% from beyond the arc. Eventually, you would think Taylor would give it up after missing several shots early on, but he just constantly through the ball up despite double and triple teams, and hoped for the best. NBA players are in awe at Taylor’s remarkable stat line, and he definitely deserves the attention, 138 points is incredible, but not at the expense of humiliating your competition. Taylor scored 24 points in the final 4 minutes of the game, despite the victory being well in hand. Not meaning to completely point the finger at young Taylor, the blame can equally be shared with Grinnell College’s coach. The coach left his star shooter in despite blowing out their opponent by over 40 points, to “get him ready” for upcoming games. Are you kidding?

I do, however, commend the Pioneers of Grinnell College on one thing. The offense they have developed is different from any other that I have ever seen. It was designed to have their team put up nearly 30 more shots per game than their opponents. Grinnell College has led all of the NCAA in scoring 17 of the last 19 seasons. Last year, Grinnell College had a player, Griffin Lentsch,(what a name!) score 89 in a single game.

Call me old-fashioned, but I enjoy watching teams that are respect for their opponents. Such as dribbling out the clock when the shot clock is turned off to avoid running up the score, as opposed to keeping a player in that has 100,000 points with the game in hand. Kobe Bryant was benched with under a minute left to play during his 81 point performance in 2006,  but the Lakers were not up by 40 points. Grinnell College showed a complete lack of respect for Faith Baptist Bible when they faced off November 21st, and if I were their coach I would be extremely upset at how their coach handled the blowout victory, record or not. Long story short, put in the walk-ons when you’re up 40, you pricks! BREAKING: Jack Taylor just shot another 3…….and missed.

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