4FanSports Presents: Sports Moments We’re Thankful For

By 4FanSports Staff

Today, we here at 4FanSports have a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost, we’re thankful for you, our readers. We all are new to this but through your support we are already doing great things. Also, I myself am thankful for our wonderful staff, contributors, and our mentors, such as Aaron Torres. Finally, of course, we are thankful for sports. Clearly, if it wasn’t for sports we couldn’t do what we love, but as Daniel and Tyler both wrote, sports is more than a game. Today we want to talk sports moments we’re thankful for; Comment and discuss, let us know what sports moment you’re thankful for.

Tyler Hobbs

One instance in sports history (other than the obvious national championships by my sports teams) stands above the rest. My childhood hero, Kobe Bryant, was unwilling to be dethroned as the best player in the league (according to the media) by Lebron James. Many fans were writing off my beloved Kobe Bryant, claiming his career was slowly coming to an end because he shipped off Shaquille O’Neal, and surrounded himself by the likes of players such as Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, and Chris Mihm. Need I go on? But on January 22, 2006, Kobe Bryant elevated to a level higher than I had ever seen him. Kobe lit up the Chris Bosh-led Toronto Raptors, scoring 81 points, a feat only Wilt Chamberlain had surpassed in the history of the NBA. I watched in astonishment as Kobe threw up one fade away jumper after another over now NBA analyst Jalen Rose (I miss you #8 Kobe). After this unbelievable performance, Kobe Bryant resurrected himself as still one of the best in the NBA, and one of the greatest players the game has ever seen. Kobe Bryant cemented his place as my favorite NBA player of all time that day, and I can’t imagine ever being so intertwined with another athlete again. So today, I am thankful for you, Kobe Bryant, lets go get #6! Your move Jack Taylor.

Ryan Potter

The great thing about sports is that throughout history it has helped people connect across cultures, international borders and generations. As a child, sports was the lingua franca in my family. I bonded with my grandfathers, uncles and father over numerous Yankees and Giants games, and even now that I live thousands of miles away from most of my family we still call each other after games to break down the box score. The conversation might be about how great Eli Manning threw the ball that Sunday, but it signifies a bond so much stronger. And for that, I am thankful.

Josh Wilson

It was hard for me to find one moment I was thankful for in all of sports, and then when I really thought about it, it wasn’t hard at all. Today as I spend Thanksgiving away from my family and friends, I’m thankful for celebrations I’ve shared with them. Nick Rapier and I always talk about stories we will tell our kids and I will always remember quitting my job to watch Kentucky play in the 2012 Final Four. I wanted to be where I could celebrate with my people, the Big Blue Nation. I will remember crying in Hobbs’ floor as my grandfather called me also in tears. I will remember hitting State Street with Hobbs, Potter, Nick and thousands of our closest friends. I will remember watching that banner rise with my mom, dad, and brother. Today I am thankful how sports creates memories, how it can cross miles, and we can celebrate moments together as fans.

We also agreed on another moment in sports we are all thankful for: April 1, 2009. That day, was the day John Calipari was announced as the 22nd head coach at the University of Kentucky. Cal came in and revitalized a tarnished Kentucky program and just 3 years from that day, led the Wildcats to their 8th National Championship.
There are so many moments in sports to be thankful for as fans. Championships, broken records, players and coaches joining your team, and many others. Today between food, naps, and reading our site, remember to watch football, and be thankful for it. From all of us here at 4FanSports, Happy Thanksgiving.

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