Taking on Vegas


by Tyler Hobbs


Each Wednesday, I examine the spreads for the football games being played the upcoming weekend, and pick which underdogs and favorites are most likely to cover. (Editor’s Note: 4FanSports in no way endorses gambling, because that be irresponsible.)

Yes, sports fans, it’s that time of the week again. It’s time to break down this coming week’s matchups, and I will tell you where to take the points and what games to stay away from. Last week, I (how do I put this) spanked Vegas like a little screaming child in Toys-R-Us on Black Friday. I went 2-1 last week, (not really a spanking but its the small victories in life, right guys?) with the Saints and Bengals coming through for me, but USC was upset by UCLA.


College Basketball

Up first, the Michigan Wolverines. The Wolverines are a very underrated team and are seemingly being overlooked by the national media. Vegas doesn’t seem sold on Michigan, but I am (I’ve got your back,Nick). Michigan is a measly -3 ½ point favorite over a mediocre Pittsburgh team. I feel pretty confident in the Wolverines chances of covering against Jamie Dixon and the Pitt Panthers.


College Football

I know last week I said to stay away from West Virginia, but this week they have a lot play for. The Moutaineers are a modest 5-5, falling well short of their sky-high expectations coming into the season. They matchup against a middle of the road Big 12 team, Iowa State, who has already secured their place in a bowl game. Last week, West Virginia fell just short of upsetting Oklahoma, whereas the Cyclones lost by 15 to the Sooners on November 3rd. I believe West Virginia will cover a miniscule -1 ½ spread. That’s my gut feeling and I’m sticking to it. The game is Friday at 3:30pm, see if you can sit through the whole game.

Next I have the Oregon Ducks. I look for them to carry the emotions from last week’s heartbreaking loss to Stanford on to the field against their rival Oregon State. Oregon is handing Oregon State 10 points, but I think that the Ducks high-powered offense is going to be trying to make a statement, just in case Notre Dame loses to USC. Look for the Ducks to try to lure the attention of the BCS voters by running up the score on the sacrificial lamb that is Oregon State (even though they have a pretty good team).



The Patriots are a bunch of jerks. Last week they ran the score up on the team that had been the feel good story of the year so far, the Indianapolis Colts. If they are willing to put up 59 on the Colts, imagine what they intend to do to the hated New York Jets. Look for Tom Brady and company to light up the scoreboard against the struggling Jets. I foresee the Patriots easily covering the 7 ½ point spread Vegas has set for them.

Finally, the Atlanta Falcons, owners of the best record in the NFL. They face off against division rival Tampa Bay, and are favored by -1 ½. Yes, you read that correctly, -1 ½. Get this one while it’s hot, because that spread is going to change drastically before the game kicks off.


Games to stay away from:

Cowboys (-3) vs Redskins: The Cowboys are very good historically on Thanksgiving, and yes that includes Tony Romo. But the Redskins seem to match up well with the Cowboys. And they have Robert Griffin III, and that can’t hurt.

Packers (+3) vs Giants: You have no idea what New York Giants team is going to show up. It could be the team that got dismantled at the hands of the Bengals two weekends ago, or last year’s Super Bowl champs, you never know! I lean Packers here, but just stay away to be safe.

Titans (-3) vs Jaguars: Jackonsville came close to pulling a huge upset against the Texans last week. Will those same Jaguars show up against the Titans? I doubt it, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

ALL NBA GAMES: Betting on the NBA is really stupid. Any team can beat any other team on a given night, so just stay away to be safe.

Summary of Picks

Michigan (-3 ½) vs Pittsburgh Wednesday 9:30pm

West Virginia (-1 ½) vs Iowa State Friday 3:30pm

Oregon (-10) vs Oregon State Saturday 3:30pm

New England (-7 ½) vs New York Jets Thursday 8:20pm

Atlanta (-1 ½) vs Tampa Bay Sunday 1:00pm

Happy Holidays! Eat some corn pudding for me! God I love corn pudding.

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