Everyone Just Take A Deep Breath

20121116-172814.jpg By Josh Wilson

Okay everyone, just, calm down. The SEC is arguably the most formidable force in college football. Fans of football, no matter what region they may live in, can always sit and watch a SEC football game because, for the most part, they know they’re about to watch two storied hardworking programs go to battle. Here’s the problem with that: SEC teams love beating up on each other. Chances are if there is a SEC team with just one win, then that win came against a top SEC team to screw them out of a perfect season and the championship. Texas A&M joins the SEC this season in just that fashion knocking off #1 Alabama last week. The SEC is stacked this season with Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina all currently ranked in the top 10 in the BCS rankings. Through the whole season these six teams, as well as Mississippi State and Vandebilt, have beat up on each other. MSU and Vandy are both bowl eligible with Ole Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas and other SEC newcomer Missouri potentially becoming eligible in coming weeks.

Any other year this would be okay, but unfortunately for SEC football they aren’t the only teams on top. Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame are all undefeated now at 10-0. Kansas State is led by Heisman frontrunner Collin Klein posting a 69.7% completion rate with 12 TD’s and 2020 yards on the season. Oregon’s offense is insane this season, ranking first in the NCAA in points per game at 54.8. Notre Dame is undefeated…Notre Dame is undefeated, that’s something that wouldn’t have been a shock with historic Notre Dame but recently the Fightin’ Irish haven’t had much fight in them. This season however playing 4 top 20 teams and beating them pretty emphatically (they beat #8 Oklahoma 30-13). These three provide a challenge for Alabama and SEC fans and may break the 7-year SEC National Champion streak.

Here’s the thing though, Alabama will be in the NCAA BCS Championship game. In order for that to happen, two of the three undefeateds need to lose in the next two weeks. Of the three Oregon has the toughest road left, with #13 Stanford this weekend and #16 Oregon State next weekend. Notre Dame plays a 5-5 Wake Forest this weekend but has a tough game next weekend at #18 USC. Finally Kansas State plays Baylor this week but closes with #15 Texas next week. While this seems like a tough pull for the Crimson Tide, you have to think that if two of the three lose, Alabama is the odds on favorite for one-loss teams. Even though Oregon has the toughest remaining schedule, they have been great this season demolishing teams with their crazy offensive production. The Ducks smallest margin of victory was 11 against #17 USC two weeks ago. Notre Dame plays that USC team next weekend, if Oregon only won by 11, I don’t see Notre Dame being able to beat USC on the road in the last week with the season on the line. Kansas State also will find themselves in a do or die game in the closing week against a tough Texas team. That last week of ND and KSU’s seasons will be what Alabama fans need to watch for.

It really is sad that the 4-team playoff starts in 2014 and not 2013. While the NCAA is headed in the right direction, this season is just further proof that the current BCS system doesn’t work. The BCS is basically punishing the 6 SEC teams in the top 10 just for being in a strong conference. At this point of the season (week 12) we have 10 really strong powerful teams at the top with 5 really great teams. The Texas A&M win blew the BCS out of the water and has caused more fan unrest with the current system. All that being said, Alabama will play for the National Championship. Notre Dame and Kansas State will crack under the pressure knocking them down to one loss. Once that occurs Alabama will become number 2 and meet Oregon on January 7th in Miami, but as for who wins…you’ll have to wait for that answer.


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