A Sports Love Story

 By Daniel Hobbs

Take a seat boys and girls. Let Uncle Daniel drop some knowledge on ya…. Being older than the regular, talented contributors to this website, I want to try and bring some different wisdom to the readers of 4fansports.com. You will not find any statistics or analysis in this article, but I hope it hits home nonetheless.

The topic is quite simple…. Sports. Sports and how they are the Lord’s gift to mankind. Tacky? Yes, but it’s true regardless. That idea really manifests itself in this time of year when we have gotten through the long summer months from the end of the NBA Finals to the return of Football. No offense to baseball and NASCAR, but is there anything worse than a Sportscenter Top 10 with a couple of nice double plays and a water-skiing squirrel? I’d much rather see Lebron cramming on some dude’s face or Adrian Peterson trucking two fools on a 70 yard run. Now that’s entertainment. This time of year gives the avid sports fan boatloads of primetime competition to distract themfrom the everyday grind.

However, sports provide much, much more than entertainment and distraction. It gives people something to cheer for, something to care about, and often, something to bring them complete and total glee. Honestly, as a die hard University of Kentucky Wildcats Fan there is almost nothingin this world that has made me happier than witnessing the Cats win a National Championship after a 14 year drought. That is what makes the relationship of fans to their team so special. Nothing can take a human being from totally hacked off to utter joy like a tight game (or in UK land, when we transition from football to basketball season). The emotions displayed in sports show you just how much they can truly mean to people (sometimes too extreme, but that’s a post for a different day).

Often, the magic of sports goes beyond the gridiron or hardwood and truly touches the lives of people. Case in point, Lane Goodwin, a young boy who recently died of a rare form of cancer, was a huge UK fan (smart kid). It was amazing to see the outpouring of love and support from his fellow fans and even the UK players and staff when his story was told to the world. Look at Dickie V. As controversial as he is to some, he is able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for cancer research to help people like Lane Goodwin. All because of the connections he has to the sports world and the care and passion of the common sports fan. There are countless occasions like these where the sports world and the real world mesh and really make it ‘More Than a Game’.

I guess the moral of the story is this: have fun with it and don’t be ashamed. People who could care less about sports: don’t judge those of us who have a team and are genuinely concerned about what happens with our squad. It’s obviously something you do not understand. To some that relationship is second only to their relationship to their spouse and children. Why else would we spend our last dime on tickets to a game in a dying economy or nearly give ourselves a heart attack whilst throwing crap at the television? Because it matters to us. Because we NEED sports. It entertains us, distracts us from the BS, and often, brings us total ecstasy…. Happy Viewing.

Daniel Hobbs is a contributor at 4FanSports. He is also the older brother to staff writer Tyler Hobbs. Daniel graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in engineering. He can be followed on twitter @dahobb4.

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