Taking on Vegas

by: Tyler Hobbs

This is a new weekly edition that we are trying here at 4FanSports. Each Wednesday, I will examine the spreads for the football games being played the upcoming weekend, and pick which underdogs and favorites are most likely to cover. (Editor’s Note: 4FanSports in no way endorses gambling, because that would be irresponsible.)

Greetings loved ones. In this week’s edition of “Taking on Vegas,” yours truly will be giving you the locks of the week, and also the games you may want to pass on. There are some intriguing match-ups this weekend, and it appears that Vegas may have made a few mistakes while laying out the betting lines, but who knows, those people are just way smarter than we are. Last week gave a pretty good indication of the true identity of many teams, in both college football and the NFL.My picks are mainly based on the team’s performance in the prior week, and guessing… a whole lot of guessing!

So without further ado, here are my picks of the week:

Right now the biggest lock of the week are the New Orleans Saints. Though the line is sure to change, the Saints are currently listed as a 5 ½ point favorite against the pitiful, mock-worthy Oakland Raiders. The Drew Brees led Saints score, and score often, and the Raiders do not. That pick is just that simple. If you want to put your trust in Carson Palmer be my guest, but please forgive me if I do not join you.

My next pick is the Cincinnati Bengals, who take on the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bengals, listed at -3 ½ , seem to also be a lock. The Chiefs do have home-field advantage, but even Arrowhead Stadium can’t prevent the beating coming their way. The Bengals picked apart the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants last week, I don’t expect them to pull a 360 and lose to the Chiefs. Also, I think that too much was being read into the Chiefs taking the Steelers to overtime. The Steelers are crippled, and still defeated the Chiefs. Pathetic.

Switching to college now, another likely victory is from the under-performing USC Trojans. They take on rival UCLA this weekend, and are favored by 3 ½ points. The Trojans (giggity) have been one of the biggest disappointments this college football season, with the leading Heisman candidate Matt Barkley, and an explosive offense, expectations were sky high. However, the Trojan defense hasn’t been able to keep up with their dangerous offense. That being said, they are still USC, and UCLA is still “little brother”, so the Trojans prevail.

Now to the game you need to stray away from. This game is tricky, and therefore may be used to lure you into making a stupid wager. The Oklahoma (-11) and West Virginia match-up scares me. The Mountaineers are the most inconsistent team in the country. At the beginning of the season, Geno Smith was almost prematurely handed the Heisman trophy, and then the past 3 weeks they have been getting murdered on the field. Still, they have the potential to stray back to their earlier showings and play a good game, therefore I would stay away from them this week, and maybe every week.

Tune into 4FanSports every Wednesday at 6:30PM to see my picks for the weekend. In the future, I will keep score of my record, as long as you promise not to make fun of me.

Tyler Hobbs can be reached on Twitter @TylerHobbs5

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