Do or Die

By Josh Wilson

The NFC East appears to have split into three groups: the winners (the Giants), the losers, and the Redskins. This week two teams meet at the crossroads of their seasons.The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, both 3-5, haven’t matched up when both are 2 games under .500 since 1965. While some have called this a snore fest or a who sucks less contest, this is the game to watch Sunday. The winner not only puts life back into their season but also possibly saves their coach’s job. The loser falls to 3-6, pretty much kissing their season goodbye. Both coaches find themselves in precarious positions, both big name quarterbacks are under-performing at best, and both defenses have been less than stellar.

The Eagles started the season with a quality win against conference leading New York, and seemed like it was off to a great start. Soon, defensive breakdowns led to the firing of coordinator Juan Castillo, followed by issues in the offensive line, which led to sacks and interceptions thrown by the unusually inconsistent Vick. Eagles fans have been screaming for rookie QB Nick Foles to take the reigns as well as calling for Andy Reid’s head on a green and silver platter. In every sense of the word, Philly is a fiasco. The Eagles are crumbling but a win could stop the bleeding and save both Reid and Vick.

Dallas finds themselves in the same position but for different reasons. As Cowboys great Roger Staubach recently stated, the big problem could be owner, GM, arena designer, promoter, back up punter, and occasional hot dog vendor Jerry Jones. Staubach recently said on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning that Jones needs to step down and quit micro managing. Jason Garret may end up being a great coach if he could just get Jones off his back and ignore the Sean Payton chatter. However, much like Michael Vick, Tony Romo has not put together a season worthy of a former Pro Bowl quarterback.

Both teams will look back on this game and feel that it was the turning point in their season. The winner could be looking back from the playoffs, while the loser of the game will likely be watching at home. That being said, the Cowboys have never made the playoffs after starting 3-5, but in the words of newly single Justin Beiber, never say never. A win Sunday leading into the weak part of the ‘Boys schedule could put them in nice position for a turn around. The good news for the Cowboys is that Vick and company are a mental (and physical) wreck right now. For the Eagles a win could be a turnaround or it might just stave off the inevitable. Philly needs a lot of things to go right to turn this season into a positive one. In the last two weeks, Philly has allowed 6/8 passes for 15 yards or greater, coincidentally Tony Romo just happens to have 5 TDs, no INT’s and a 57.6% completion rate for passes 15 yards or greater. With the loss of running back DeMarco Murray, look for the Cowboys to air it out and have success doing it. The Cowboys walk away with a win Sunday and soon after, Andy Reid walks away with a pink slip.


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