College Football Game of the Week

by Tyler Hobbs
One game this weekend stands out amongst the rest. Unless you have been living underneath a rock for the past, oh say 2 months, you know that Alabama is a man among boys in college football. Nick Saban appears to have put together another National Championship team, who would’ve thunk it? Today they take on a new member of the SEC, the Aggies of Texas A&M. Led by quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel (Seriously, I thought the Honey-Badger was an annoying nickname) appear to be another sacrificial lamb to the beast that is Alabama football. Roll Tide.

However, Alabama played a fairly awful (awful for Alabama standards at least) game against LSU last week, allowing Zach Mettenberger to torch their defense for nearly 300 yards and a touchdown. Keep in mind, this is a worse offensive LSU team than the same one that played Alabama in the National Championship last year, and was unable to get into opponent territory. It took a 2 minute drill put together by quarterback AJ McCarron to score a touchdown in the final minute to down LSU. Is Alabama as unbeatable as we thought? Only time will tell, but the clock is ticking. After A&M, the only teams standing between Alabama and another National Championship appearance is Western Carolina (child please), Auburn (yeah right), and the winner of the SEC East (Florida or Georgia). I see Alabama steam-rolling through all of those opponents, so that leaves Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel.

What can we expect from the Aggies? Nothing, they turn the ball over against other SEC defenses, I wouldn’t expect that to change against Alabama. If I have learned anything from obsessively watching SEC football since my early childhood it is this, do not mess with Nick Saban. The guy may be the best college football coach ever, and since there is only one legitimate opponent facing them until the SEC Championship game, I highly expect Saban to have his troops ripe and ready for battle. In other words, when in doubt don’t bet against Nick Saban.

I think that Manziel and the Aggies will put up a fight, but the the Crimson Tide will prevail in the end as always. I predict the Tide will coast to a 10 point victory over the Aggies, in a game where we see Manziel’s true colors, a highly overrated, average quarterback against a top-notch SEC opponent. Now, can we please get to more important matters, like petitioning to have the nickname “Johnny Football” omitted from any announcers vocabulary? Seriously, it is God awful.


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