Lake Show Lets Brown Go

by Tyler Hobbs

After their frustrating 1-4 start this season, the Los Angeles Lakers have announced head coach Mike Brown has been fired. Brown took the reins from arguably the greatest coach in the game, Phil Jackson, which is no easy task. Expectations were through the roof coming into the season, with an all-star lineup, and the makings of an immediate title contender lurking in the shadows. However, thus far, the Lakers have been less than stellar, with their effort on the court being questioned since opening day.

The firing is questionable at best, considering the short time that Brown has had to work with his team. The Lakers added Steve Nash (2 time MVP) and Dwight Howard (3 time Defensive Player of the Year) in the off-season, to an already all-star roster led by Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. Comparisons to defending champion, Miami Heat began as soon as Howard signed. The ceiling was set high for the Lakers, and it appears that they have decided to move in a different direction in the form of a new coach.

Here are the names already floating around in just the few minutes since the announcement:

Jerry Sloan- Rumors swirled about him last week being interested in the head coaching job “if” there was an availability.

Stan Van Gundy: This actually seems like a good fit, but Howard left the Magic during the off-season, one of the reasons being, because of the coaching, so label this as “very unlikely” or “damn near impossible”.

Jeff Van Gundy: Jeff (Stan’s brother with less hair) has been working as an NBA analyst on ESPN for the past few years, and I would much rather continue to see the NBA on ESPN commercials than to see him fill Brown’s shoes.

Kobe Bryant: The idea of Kobe Bryant playing the role of player-coach (Jackie Moon style) is both intriguing and awesome, but let’s not kid ourselves.

Phil Jackson: Child Please, leave the man alone.

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